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Portfolio Tips – For Successful Wedding Planners

I’m Bir Davinder Singh, author of article Portfolio Tips – For Sucessfull Wedding Planners and owner of

I’ve been a successful event planner for over a decade, and I can share the experiences with you that “How to create a portfolio of Wedding Planner” for your wedding day for making moments memorable. 

I’ve seen so many different types of portfolios of wedding planners and professionals. Some planners have shown their creative work on their websites. Some create professional photo albums from the weddings you have planned (get permission from the photographer first). Some planners have an online slide show or slide show on their laptop with images & quality contents. It is important to show potential to their clients that what we can do and create.

Here are some ideas for building a portfolio of professional wedding planners:

1. Plan and organize a professional photo shoot of a setup of wedding event you have done. This includes a guest table with linen, stationery pieces, place settings, a centrepiece and guest chairs.  A photo shoot gives you the opportunity to show your creativity and give some idea to your client about your working style. 

2. Help in planning a wedding to your near and dears, a friend or family member to show their creativity. Not only will this give you valuable experience, it will also give you the opportunity to create professional photo shoots and real time lines to show their potential to the clients.  If your clients were happy, don’t be afraid to ask for a written testimonial you can also use the same on your website.

3. Share your experience, education certificates and professional membership certificates in your portfolio.  Whether you have a certificate from an online certification program, a membership certificate from ISES or a diploma from a design class, don’t be afraid to put these in your portfolio. This will help potential clients see that you are serious about your profession and your business.

4. Create example motivation forums and marriage daytime collections.   If you already have experience, display your creation to the prospective customers with images and production schedules from marriages you have already done. Create sample inspiration slides and sample wedding day time lines to show prospective clients. Give details of your Testimonials.

5. Plan your business smartly laced with new ideas and technology. Other valuable features of your portfolio are value, service, location, food, and decor. Impress your clients with your positive attitude and professional approach and touch the new heights in your wedding planning business.


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