Class thinking to enjoy the honeymoon and work together

Now Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are officially married and ready to enjoying their working honeymoon along with their six adorable children as a family in a classic manner on the small Mediterranean island of Gozo, right off the coast of Malta. We also describe this “Honeymoon” as “Workingmoon”

Brad and Angelina have reportedly paid up to $200,000 to local residents and business owners of Gozo to leave the place, so that they can enjoy some time as a family in privacy and peace.

The newlywed couple chose the tranquil destination for convenience to enjoy a few weeks as a married couple and then they will continue shooting scenes for the upcoming film, By the Sea, which is directed by Ange, at locations near Malta. The duo will also shoot some 'crazy sex' scenes in new movie.

It has already been established that Brad and Jolie's honeymoon will be hot and lavish. At least we can easily say as they are the stars having a royal brain and class thinking to enjoy the honeymoon and work together.

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