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Sangeet ceremony


Sangeet ceremony is all about celebrations, dance and music as the name suggests. This is the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and is exclusively for women are also known as Ladies Sangeet. Initially, the Sangeet party was organized only by the bride's family but with changing times it is observed that the groom's family is also enjoying a Sangeet Ceremony. This was a ritual which was only seen in North Indian weddings, but nowadays it is conducted in Bengali and South Indian marriages also. 

Sangeet ceremony is held few days before the Mehndi ceremony, but in some families it is performed a day before a marriage and comes at a time for joy and the hectic hustling bustling activities before marriage. Traditionally the family of the bride invites female relatives and associates for Ladies Sangeet, wherein all of them sing folk songs dedicated to marriage and the bride. It is accompanied by Dholak and spoon, to the tune and beat. After this all the ladies & girls perform a dance on different songs.

Amidst celebration, ladies, crack jokes, teases the bride, and bless the girl for a prosperous married life. The environment quite often becomes emotional as the bride and her mother experience the pangs of separation from each other. After all the dancing and singing is done, it’s time for refreshment. It mainly contains a number of snacks and sweet dishes. But nowadays some families have also arranged a dinner for the guests.


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