Boliyan is the Rich Source of Cultural Touch in Weddings

Boliyan is the cultural art performed by family & associates of Bride & Groom is the most vibrant part of wedding.

Linkers Wedding Solutions is loaded with wealthy content covering traditional Boliyan & Wedding Songs for all of the wedding ceremonies including Kudmai, Chunni, Maiyan, Mehndi, Nanakshak, Jago and many more. We have an extensive collection of Punjabi wedding songs including boliyan, sangeet songs, dholki songs, suhag, ghorhian and tappe.

As a Best Event Organizer having team of professionals & innovative ideas, we have a mission to save the lifestyle, rituals, culture & the tradition of their Home Nation. A concern to be thinking that the new generations of Punjabis living around the world are losing part of their culture as they involve more and more in western society. Read our different articles from time to time published in Wedding Rituals are as important as understanding and retaining the Punjabi culture for NRI Weddings & coming generations,  because today’s knowledge of the Punjabi culture will be passed to our coming generations. Weddings are the best platform to provide an opportunity to be a part of the Punjabi lifestyle & the culture must be motivated from the epicentre – by the Punjabis who are here in their Home Nation.

punjabi cultureBoliyan is couplets that were traditionally sung by Punjabis on Pre-Wedding, on the day of Wedding & Post Wedding. Boliyan as rich culture is passed down to generations on festivals, family gatherings and functions, cultural fairs and at the time of reaping of the harvest.

Boliyan is composed on themes of relations, culture and lifestyle. Boliyan are usually passed down generation by generation orally. Each generation is being taught by their predecessors from long ago. Now, boliyan have been fused with Bhangra music to spread all over the world UK to Canada as well as USA, Australia and New Zealand and mixed with all the cultures it interacts with. This has created a modern, urban style Bhangra that is listened to by more than just North Indians.

While women used boliyan to publicly express their innermost feelings. These were also sung by men while performing the weddings or Malwai Giddha & Bhangra." While this folk art has his own attraction in the weddings.Punjabi Culture

As a Top Event Organizer, Our efforts to promote the folk arts are welcome and may even create a new wave of enthusiasm among the youth, some feel that commercialization of such folk entertainment has its own limitations. Boliyan is the platform to express one's innermost feelings, mostly in good humour.

People love the creation of Linkers Wedding Solutions in the Events, the way it’s sectioned, different songs for different parts of the wedding. It’s a great way to get the family together and having a fun & laugh!”

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